Terms & Conditions

Help and Support

We always try to provide the best supports to our clients. The truth is it’s quite difficult to provide the service without proper instructions. So we have to choose the email option. We always try to give the best service to our clients as we check our emails regularly. We always reply our emails within 24 hours. We don’t work for any unethical, copyright or those things which is not legal. We also don’t support it.

Money Back Guarantee

As we are professional workers, we don’t provide any money back guarantee. But we can promise that we can provide our works within the deadlines.


Before working on a project, our clients must have to provide the advance payments so that we can buy paid themes or plugins or license.

About Our All Services

All of us know that, man is mortal. So, nobody can give guarantee that their service or institute or companies will last forever. Suddenly if those kinds of problems arrive the authority has the full rights to change or close the service. But if we are alive we will try to provide the best support service.